FPSAC 2024 Ruhr-Universität Bochum

Extended Abstracts

The following extended abstracts have been accepted to FPSAC 2024 as posters and talks. They will be presented at the conference and extended abstracts will be published in a special volume of the “Séminaire Lotharingien de Combinatoire.”

The presenter of each extended abstract is underlined.


  • Alessandro Iraci, Philippe Nadeau, and Anna Vanden Wyngaerd
    Smirnov words and the Delta conjectures

  • Benjamin Dequene, Gabriel Frieden, Alessandro Iraci, Florian Schreier-Aigner, Hugh Thomas, and Nathan Williams
    Charmed roots and the Kroweras complement

  • Carmen Caprau, Nicolle Gonzalez, Matthew Hogancamp, and Mikhail Mazin
    Triangular (q, t)-Schroder Polynomials and Khovanov-Rozansky Homology

  • Chaim Even-Zohar, Tsviqa Lakrec, Matteo Parisi, Melissa Sherman-Bennett, Ran Tessler, and Lauren Williams
    Cluster algebras and tilings for the m=4 amplituhedron

  • Changxin Ding
    A framework unifying some bijections for graphs and its connection to Lawrence polytopes

  • Chiara Mantovani, Arnau Padrol, and Vincent Pilaud

  • Christian Gaetz and Yibo Gao
    Pattern heights and the minimal power of q in a Kazhdan–Lusztig polynomial

  • Christian Ikenmeyer and Greta Panova
    All Kronecker coefficients are reduced Kronecker coefficients

  • Christin Bibby and Emanuele Delucchi
    Supersolvable posets and fiber-type arrangements

  • Federico Castillo, Damián de la Fuente, Nicolás Libedinsky, and David Plaza
    On the size of Bruhat intervals

  • Florent Hivert and Jeanne Scott
    Diagram model for the Okada algebra and monoid

  • Gabriel Frieden and Florian Schreier-Aigner
    \(qt{\rm RSK}^*\): A probabilistic dual RSK correspondence for Macdonald polynomials

  • Jacopo Borga, Cedric Boutillier, Valentin Feray, and Pierre-Loic Meliot
    A determinantal point process approach to scaling and local limits of random Young tableaux

  • Jonah Berggren and Khrystyna Serhiyenko
    Wilting Theory of Flow Polytopes

  • Joseph Johnson and Ricky Liu
    Plane partitions and rowmotion on rectangular and trapezoidal posets

  • Leo Jiang
    Real matroid Schubert varieties, zonotopes, and virtual Weyl groups

  • Masamichi Kuroda and Shuhei Tsujie
    The characteristic quasi-polynomials for exceptional well-generated complex reflection groups

  • Matias von Bell and Cesar Ceballos
    Framing lattices and flow polytopes

  • Patricia Commins
    Invariant theory for the face algebra of the braid arrangement

  • Pierre Bonnet and Charlotte Hardouin
    A Galois structure on the orbit of walks in the quadrant

  • Rafael S. González D’León, Alejandro H. Morales, Eva Philippe, Daniel Tamayo Jiménez, and Martha Yip
    Realizing the s-permutahedron via flow polytopes

  • Robert Angarone, Anastasia Nathanson, and Victor Reiner
    Chow rings of matroids as permutation representations

  • Spencer Backman and Gaku Liu
    A regular unimodular triangulation of the matroid base polytope

  • Steven Karp and Kevin Purbhoo
    Universal Pluecker coordinates for the Wronski map and positivity in real Schubert calculus

  • Tianyi Yu
    Analogues of two classical pipedream results on bumpless pipedreams

  • Wenjie Fang, Eric Fusy, and Philippe Nadeau
    Tamari intervals and blossoming trees

  • Zhongyang Li, David Keating, and Istvan Prause
    Asymptotics of Bounded Lecture-Hall Tableaux


  • Alex McDonough and Joseph Doolittle
    Fragmenting any Parallelepiped into a Signed Tiling

  • Alexander Lazar and Svante Linusson
    Two-Row Set-Valued Young Tableaux: Catalan\({}^{+k}\) Combinatorics

  • Amrutha P, Amritanshu Prasad and Velmurugan S
    Locally Invariant Vectors in Representations of Symmetric Groups

  • Andrei Asinowski and Cyril Banderier
    From geometry to generating functions: rectangulations and permutations.

  • Andrew Sack and Son Nguyen
    On the \(f\)-vectors of poset associahedra

  • Angela Carnevale, Vassilis Dionyssis Moustakas, and Tobias Rossmann
    From coloured permutations to Hadamard products and zeta functions

  • Aritra Bhattacharya, TV Ratheesh, and Sankaran Viswanath
    Monomial expansions for \(q\)-Whittaker and modified Hall-Littlewood polynomials

  • Arvind Ayyer, Hiranya Kishore Dey, and Digjoy Paul
    On the sum of the entries in a character table: Extended abstract

  • Benjamin Dequene
    A new generalized RSK via the combinatorics of Type \(A\) quiver representations

  • Cesar Ceballos and Joseph Doolittle
    Generalized Heawood graphs and triangulations of tori (extended abstract)

  • Changxin Ding, Alex McDonough, Lilla Tothmeresz, and Chi Ho Yuen
    A Consistent Sandpile Torsor Algorithm for Regular Matroids

  • Chris Bowman, Maud De Visscher, Amit Hazi, and Catharina Stroppel
    Dyck combinatorics in \(p\)-Kazhdan–Lusztig theory

  • Christian Gaetz, Rebecca Goldin, and Allen Knutson
    The commutant of divided difference operators, Klyachko’s genus, and the comaj statistic

  • Claudia Alfes, Joshua Maglione, and Christopher Voll
    Ehrhart polynomials, Hecke series, and affine buildings

  • Colin Defant, Rachana Madhukara, and Hugh Thomas
    Toric and Permutoric Promotion

  • Colin Defant, Rupert Li, and Evita Nestoridi
    Rowmotion Markov Chains

  • Daoji Huang and Son Nguyen
    Growth Diagrams for Schubert RSK

  • Darij Grinberg and Ekaterina Vassilieva
    Quasisymmetric expansion of Hall-Littlewood symmetric functions

  • Ekaterina Presnova and Evgeny Smirnov
    Lascoux polynomials and Gelfand–Zetlin patterns

  • Emily Barnard, Colin Defant, and Eric Hanson
    Pop-Stack for Cambrian Lattices

  • Emmanuel Briand, Luis Esquivias, Alvaro Gutiérrez, Adrián Lillo, and Mercedes Rosas
    Determinant of the distance matrix of a tree

  • Eric Marberg
    Kromatic quasisymmetric functions

  • Eric Marberg and Kam Hung Tong
    Crystals for variations of decomposition tableaux

  • Esther Banaian, Elizabeth Kelley, and Wonwoo Kang
    Skein relations for punctured surfaces

  • Esther Banaian, Sunita Chepuri, Emily Gunawan, and Jianping Pan
    Pattern-avoiding polytopes and Cambrian lattices

  • Farid Aliniaeifard and Nathaniel Thiem
    Stanley chromatic functions and a conjecture in the representation theory of unipotent groups

  • Foster Tom
    A signed \(e\)-expansion of the chromatic symmetric function and some new \(e\)-positive graphs

  • Gabor Hetyei and Robert Cori
    A Whitney polynomial for hypermaps

  • Galen Dorpalen-Barry, Christian Stump, and Joshua Maglione
    The Poincare-extended ab-index

  • Gaston Burrull, Tao Gui and Hongsheng Hu
    Asymptotic Log-concavity of Dominant Lower Bruhat Intervals via Brunn–Minkowski Inequality

  • Grant Barkley
    Shards for the affine symmetric group

  • Greta Panova and Chenchen Zhao
    The Newton polytope of the Kronecker product

  • Guillaume Chapuy
    On the scaling of random Tamari intervals and Schnyder woods of random triangulations (with an asymptotic D-finite trick)

  • Guillaume Laplante-Anfossi, Anibal M. Medina-Mardones, and Arnau Padrol
    Framed polytopes and higher categories

  • Houcine Ben Dali and Michele D’Adderio
    Macdonald characters from a new formula for Macdonald polynomials

  • Hung Manh Tran, Tan Nhat Tran, and Shuhei Tsujie
    Vines and MAT-labeled graphs

  • Ievgen Makedonskyi and Igor Makhlin
    Poset polytopes and pipe dreams: toric degenerations and beyond

  • Jeremie Bettinelli and Dimitri Korkotashvili
    Slit-slide-sew bijections for constellations and quasiconstellations

  • Jeronimo Valencia-Porras and Olya Mandelshtam
    Charge formulas for Macdonald polynomials at t=0 from multiline queues and diagrams

  • Jonah Berggren and Jonathan Boretsky
    Combinatorics of Boundary Algebras

  • Joshua Bardwell and Dominic Searles
    Weak Bruhat interval 0-Hecke modules in finite type

  • Kevin Liu, Sheila Sundaram, Jesse Campion Loth, Michael Levet, and Mei Yin
    Colored Permutation Statistics by Conjugacy Class

  • Kyle Celano, Nicholas Sieger, and Sam Spiro
    Eulerian Polynomials for Digraphs

  • Kyle Salois
    Higher Specht Polynomials and Tableaux Bijections for Hessenberg Varieties

  • Leonardo Saud Maia Leite and Petter Brändén
    Chain polynomials of generalized paving matroids

  • Luis Ferroni and Benjamin Schröter
    Enumerating the faces of split matroid polytopes

  • Marcelo Aguiar, Sarah Brauner, and Victor Reiner
    Configuration spaces and peak representations

  • Matthew Plante and Tom Roby
    Whirling and rowmotion dynamics on the chain of V’s poset

  • Michele D’Adderio, Mark Dukes, Alessandro Iraci, Alexander Lazar, Yvan Le Borgne, and Anna Vanden Wyngaerd
    Shuffle Theorems and Sandpiles

  • Michele D’Adderio, Roberto Riccardi, and Viola Siconolfi
    Chromatic functions, interval orders and increasing forests

  • Milo Bechtloff Weising
    Murnaghan-Type Representations of the Elliptic Hall Algebra

  • Nadia Lafrenière and Darij Grinberg
    The somewhere-to-below shuffles in the symmetric group and Hecke algebras

  • Nancy Wallace, Mike Zabrocki, and Rosa Orellana
    Quasipartition and planar quasipartition algebras

  • Nantel Bergeron and Lucas Gagnon
    Excedance quotients, Quasisymmetric Varieties, and Temperley–Lieb algebras

  • Nathan Lindzey
    Jack Derangements

  • Nicholas Williams and Guillaume Laplante-Anfossi
    From higher Bruhat orders to Steenrod cup-i coproducts

  • Olga Azenhas, Thomas Gobet and Cédric Lecouvey
    Non symmetric Cauchy kernels, Demazure measures and LPP

  • Sam Hopkins
    Upho posets

  • Sara Billey and Stark Ryan
    Brewing Fubini-Bruhat Orders

  • Seamus Albion
    Character factorisations, \(z\)-asymmetric partitions and plethysm

  • Sergi Elizalde and Alejandro Galvan
    Combinatorial properties of triangular partitions

  • Shinsuke Iwao, Kohei Motegi, and Travis Scrimshaw
    Inhomogeneous particle process defined by canonical Grothendieck polynomials

  • Spencer Daugherty
    Extended Schur Functions and Bases Related by Involutions

  • Susanna Fishel, Christophe Hohlweg, Matthew Dyer, and Alice Mark
    Shi arrangements and low elements in Coxeter groups (Extended Abstract)

  • Taehyeok Heo
    Extremal weight crystals over affine Lie algebras of infinite rank

  • Takuro Abe, Lukas Kühne, Paul Mücksch, and Leonie Mühlherr
    Projective dimension of weakly chordal graphic arrangements

  • Tal Gottesman
    Antichains in the representation theory of finite lattices

  • Theo Douvropoulos
    Counting unicellular maps under cyclic symmetries

  • Timothy Miller
    Vertex models for the product of a Schur and Demazure polynomial

  • Torin Greenwood and Tristan Larson
    Asymptotics of bivariate algebraico-logarithmic generating functions

  • Tucker Ervin, Blake Jackson, Kyungyong Lee, and Son Dang Nguyen
    Geometry of C-Matrices for Mutation-Infinite Quivers

  • Vincent Pilaud and Daria Poliakova
    Hochschild polytopes

  • Weston Miller
    Rational Catalan Numbers for Complex Reflection Groups

  • William Dugan
    On the \(f\)-vectors of flow polytopes for the complete graph

  • Yibo Gao, Reuven Hodges, and Alexander Yong
    Levi-spherical varieties and Demazure characters

  • Young-Hun Kim, So-Yeon Lee, and Young-Tak Oh
    Regular Schur labeled skew shape posets and their 0-Hecke modules

  • Yuhan Jiang
    The doubly asymmetric simple exclusion process, the colored Boolean process, and the restricted random growth model

  • Yuxuan Sun, Elizabeth Milicevic, and Sarah Gold
    Crystal Chute Moves on Pipe Dreams

  • Ziyao Fu, Yulin Peng and Yuchong Zhang
    The Monoid Representation of Upho Posets and Total Positivity