FPSAC 2024 Ruhr-Universität Bochum



Who do I call in case of an emergency?

On campus you can call 0234 / 32-23333. For off-campus emergencies, use 112 for medical emergencies and 110 for the police.


Where can I eat lunch on campus?

We offer each participant 1 voucher per day for lunch. The date on which the voucher is valid is stated on the vouchers. The vouchers can be used on campus at the three locations Q-West, Mensa and Rote Bete (vegan only). The locations are marked on the campus map. The voucher includes a main dish, a drink and a dessert or salad. If you are looking for a quieter place, you will find the restaurant "Beckmanns Hof" in the Botanical Garden next to the campus. The voucher is not valid there.

Does my registration fee include lunch?

Yes, it does! You will get one voucher per day, valid in three locations on campus - Q-West, Mensa and Rote Bete (all highlighted on the campus map.) You will find vegetarian options everywhere, the Rote Bete is even vegan only. For one voucher, you can choose a main dish, a drink, and a dessert or a salad. You can find the menu in german only.

Where can I have dinner on campus?

Near the university's subway station "Ruhr-Universität" you will find a grocery store with many take-away food options and also many restaurants. The Q-West (see lunch options) is open until 10 pm. Before 6 pm you can enjoy the best strawberry cake in town, coffee and snacks. From 6pm the Q-West becomes a restaurant with serving. You can find the entire menu here in german only.

Where can I have dinner in town?

Near Bochum Central Station is the "Bermuda3Eck" (Bermuda Triangle), a district with many restaurants and bars. You can also find our recommendations for restaurants on our FPSAC map .


What will the weather be like?

The average temperature in Bochum in July is 14°C - 24°C (57°F -75°F). Be prepared for rain or sunshine or a mix of both!

What's the green icon on the Discord server and favicon?

It's a headframe! This is a piece of mining equipment. In the 1800s, Bochum became an important city for coal mining and steel production and locals are still proud of this today. You'll see images of headframes all over Bochum, and may even visit a real one on your excursion.

Where can I find all important information?

We have created an infosheet with a summary of all the important information. There is also a map of Bochum with many places we recommend to visit. If you miss any information, check the FAQ or ask in our FPSAC 2024 Discord Server.

Do you have a map with all important locations?

Yes, we have a campus map and a FPSAC map of places in Bochum and the surrounding area, including restaurant and café recommendations, the locations of all excursions, fun things to do in Bochum and much more.

Are the dinosaurs back in Bochum?!

Yes, they are! But don't worry, they are only part of a city-wide exhibition. This is the third time that Bochum becomes Dino City over the summer. More information on the dinosaurs and their locations can be found on the homepage of Bochum Tourism.


What is the nth Catalan number?

The nth Catalan number is $$C_n = \frac{1}{n+1}\binom{2n}{n}\,.$$

Is Bochum really such a big fan of the RSK algorithm?

If you asked this question, you have probably seen the "RSK" stickers all over the city. Unfortunately, this is not about the RSK algorithm but about an ultra-fan group "Ruhrstadt Kollektiv" of Bochum's soccer team "VFL Bochum".


How large can my poster be and how/where do I hang it?

Your poster should be no larger than landscape size A0. We will provide a concrete location to hang your poster during the lunch break before your poster session.

Where do I submit my poster before July 8?

Fill out the poster submission form before July 8.

Can you print my poster?

Yes! There is now a spot in the poster submission form where you can indicate that you'd like us to print posters. Printing a poster through the copy shop on campus will cost about 20€.


Why do the trains take 4h from Frankfurt to Bochum?

The train tracks between Frankfurt and Cologne are being rebuilt this summer and travel times are longer than usual.

How do I find out which visa I need to attend FPSAC?

Some information is available under "Entry Regulations" on the "Visa and Residence Status" page of the university. Please remember to double-check all information with the appropriate office of your home country.

How do I get to the university from my hotel?

The best option is to take the public transport from the main station "Bochum Hbf" which should be in walking distance from your hotel. Take the U35 (2nd basement of the main station) in direction “Querenburg - Hustadt (TQ)”. It usually runs every 10 minutes and takes 10 minutes to the Ruhr University. You will need another 10 minutes for the walk between the station "Ruhr-Universität" and the lecture hall.